Play the drums with your heartbeat

Make some funky beats from the rhythm of your heart – quite literally

They say music comes from the heart – and it really does, in designer Pieter Jan Pieters' case.

Pieters has developed Sound on Intuition, a quirky instrument that creates music based on the rate of your heartbeat, finger taps and finger movement – effects such as rhythms, hits and other effects can be controlled with one of your feet.

Another sensor can also scan text and drawings to create an audio interpretation of what the device sees, while yet another sensor effectively turns your hand into a sort of effects tool. It's like being a one-man band with a difference – you look far less daft.

As part of Pieters' thesis project, it's unlikely you will be able to walk into your local purveyor of noise to buy it. So instead you'll just have to enjoy the video of it in action below.

[via designboom]

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