Pioneer outs Cyber Navi windscreen display with AR and GPS

This is one heads up display you have to see – all it's missing is our high score

Pioneer's new laser-projected in-car display is the latest reason to jump ship and head to Japan because let's face it, they get to eat, sleep and drive the way we'll be doing in say, ten year's time.

The Cyber-Navi rig includes a clip-on translucent 'screen' that a laser projector then beams GPS info onto – so the tech's not built into your windscreen. It will automatically adjust its brightness though and project driving directions just above the road (in your view) so you don't get distracted.

Add in some love for iPhones, iPods, DVDs and TV playback and this might be the coolest in-car display we've heard of. There's even the option to stick a camera on the front of your car if you want Cyber-Navi to alert you to speed limits and upcoming traffic lights and turns on a separate LCD screen.

Pionner's Cyber-Navi unsurprisingly doesn't come cheap – models will go on sale in Japan in July and start at around £2400. Then again, you can't put a price on making racing games a reality, now can you?


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