Pick up a Microsoft Surface RT for £280

You read that right – £180 off the Windows 8.1 tablet-cum-laptop
Microsoft Surface RT

Just as Windows 8.1 gets up to speed Microsoft has dropped the price of its diet-version tablet, the Surface RT.

The £180 price drop, at 30 per cent, is nothing to turn your nose up at – compared to a certain fruity competitor at this price you get Office and Outlook, eight hours of battery life, 32GB storage (of which 15GB is actually free) and that super slim keyboard-cum-cover option. Not bad for £200 less than the iPad equivalent.

Of course this would suggest a new RT is on its way, and the full-fat Surface Pro is a more pricey option that offers essentially a full laptop experience. But the RT tablet, at this £280 price, is a very appealing slice of hardware.

[Microsoft via The Verge]