Philips Streamium MCi8080 does multiroom music

Fill its hard disk with FLAC tunes and let the beat go on

The Philips Streamium MCi8080 is the latest attempt by Philips to bring multiroom music to the masses.

It can rip your CDs losslessly as FLAC files on its 160GB hard disk, which can then be controlled through the colour touchscreen and pumped out of the two-way ClariSound speakers via a 2x50W Class D digital amp.

It can stream over Wi-Fi or Ethernet and hook up wirelessly to a load of NP3700 network players to form a proper multiroom music system.

And if you like the sound of that last bit, you can also buy the MCi8080 and an NP3700 as a bundle, the Streamium WMS8080 Multiroom System.

No word yet on pricing for any of it, but we'll keep you posted.