Oxx Coffeeboxx is the roughest, toughest coffee machine on the planet

Built for construction sites and similarly rugged workplaces, this portable caffeine-wrangler is pretty much indestructible
Oxx Coffeeboxx is the roughest, toughest coffee machine on the planet

The Oxx Coffeeboxx might well be the first product of its type: a ruggedised, nigh-on indestructible coffee maker.

Designed for working environments where (a) people like to drink coffee and (b) there are things around that could quickly turn your dainty De’Longhi into so much scrap metal, the Coffeeboxx is crush-, rust-, spill-, water- and dustproof, as well as being portable, lightweight and impact resistant.

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Its creators at Michigan-based startup Oxx have even perched a car atop four Coffeeboxxes to demonstrate the machine’s IDGAF-ness in the face of destruction. So it’s tough – the ideal hot beverage supplier for a building site, garage or camping trip, perhaps – but what about its coffee-making skills?

The Coffeeboxx is compatible with K-Cup pods, meaning it can deliver a cup of the black stuff (or tea, hot chocolate and a variety of other hot drinks – there are something like 250 different K-Cup varieties on sale) in a minute and a half. There’s a big 2.5l capacity water tank, which means you won’t need to keep topping up its H2O supply, and it can deliver hot water for soup, ramen and the like if required.

Don't try this with your Breville

Oxx is currently seeking Kickstarter backers in order to fund production of the Coffeeboxx, and those who pledge US$250 or more will receive their very own machine come March 2015. Sadly, the company won’t ship them outside of the US, so you’ll have to get yourself across the pond if you want one – or simply stick with your current weakling coffee machine.

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