Online shop reveals all about the Fitbit Surge “super watch”

It’s a fitness-centric wristband that can also display texts, calls and other notifications
Online shop reveals all about the Fitbit Surge “super watch”

We knew the Fitbit Surge was coming, but we didn’t have official confirmation – until now.

US-based online store Brookstone has listed the wristband and made it available for pre-order (priced at US$250, around £155 at the time of writing), so we finally know just what to expect from Fitbit’s new wearable, which is being billed as a “Fitness Super Watch”.

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The Fitbit Surge displays caller ID data and texts from your phone

The Surge isn’t app compatible, but it will allow you to receive notifications from a paired smartphone (it works with Android and iOS devices) and control its music playback.

But really it’s centred on fitness: it’s waterproof; it monitors your heart rate; its sensors allow it to track all sorts of activity (including sleep). And one of the main benefits of the Surge is that it has GPS built-in, so you don’t need to take your smartphone out with you on a run or cycle if you don’t want to – it can track your movements accurately without it. The screen is touch sensitive to aid control.

Fitbit is yet to officially announce the Surge, but given Brookstone’s bean-spilling, we’re expecting that to happen very soon.

[Source: Brookstone via Ubergizmo]

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