OnePlus 7 preview: Everything we know so far

UPDATED: Will the OnePlus 7 have a sliding selfie-cam?

The excellent OnePlus 6T just rolled out in November, but rumours and supposed leaks are already sprouting around the OnePlus 7.

We're probably still a few months out from the next numbered OnePlus, as of this writing, but the rumour mill is always churning – and fans certainly have their wish lists of what they'd like to see from the next iteration of the "budget flagship." But if OnePlus keeps adding big features, then we may need to drop that budget tag at some point.

Details are still sparse right now, but here's what we've heard about the OnePlus 7 so far – and otherwise, what we can deduce from the past.

What will the OnePlus 7 look like?

What you're seeing above (via Slashleaks) is believed to be an OnePlus 7 prototype on the left and an OnePlus 6T on the right, both covered in casing that obscures much of the design. Even so, one thing is readily apparent: there's no camera on that face.

Where is it? Speculation suggests that it's a slider, just like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. When you need the front-facing camera, the back panel on the phone slides up to reveal it. That's one way to avoid a notch and deliver a full-faced screen, but there may be questions about durability and water and dust resistance.

In any case, that's hardly surefire proof that such a design is en route. In any case, leak visualizer Ben Geskin whipped up some bespoke concept renders based on what we can see in the leak, which you'll see all the way up top and below, as well.