Numark iDJ Live invites iPad DJs to the mixing party

Two turntables and a... tablet? The inevitable iPad DJ decks are here

Rememeber Numark's iDJ3 for iPhone? You docked your iPhone and mixed up a storm via the mock turntables on the console. It doesn't take a genius to see the potential in spreading the idea to iPads, and that's where Numark's iDJ Live comes in. There's a central mixer, crossfader, two larger performance platters and a host of other knobs and buttons that offer a professional level of DJ mixing to partner with Algoriddm’s Djay app and various midi apps. Best of all, you only need to spin 65 notes to get your hands on the Numark iDJ Live – about £65 more than you'll be charging at the door for your gig. Probably.


Numark iDJ3

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