Nokia releases FaceLock for face recognition security

Nokia delves into biometric security territory with face recognition Ovi app

It was made clear quite some time ago that Nokia simply refuses to pull the plug on its Symbian^3 OS. But if its FaceLock app is anything to go on, perhaps that's a good thing.

As you've probably guessed from the picture (courtesy of Nokia HD Blog), FaceLock is a nifty bit of face recognition security software that will unlock your phone when your face is aligned within the dedicated space. All you have to do is take a picture and the app saves it as code. Remember not to pull a funny face, it might not let you back in.

You will – of course – need a Nokia smartphone running Symbian^3, and as far as we know, Anna and Belle OS-toting handsets can grab a piece of the FaceLock action, too. 

With FaceLock's facial recognition software rumoured to be heading to Google's soon-to-be-announced Ice cream Sandwich OS, Nokia has beaten the internet giant to the punch, and it's free to download from the Ovi Store right now. 

What next – Laser eye readers? We sure hope so. 


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