Nokia press event image sparks tablet talk

Is this a Windows RT tablet we see before us? The answer is “maybe”

There’s long been talk of Nokia moving into the tablet market with a Windows RT device, but so far there’s been little in the way of convincing evidence. It was more a feeling that Nokia would have to get round to making one sooner or later.

Well, a Nokia event in Pakistan has thrown up more speculation. One attendee snapped the above photo, which apparently shows a Windows RT tablet alongside the Nokia Lumia 620 smartphone.

NokiaGadgets, the site that originally published the shot, posits that this tablet is around 7 or 8in in size (if we assume it’s correctly scaled against the 620 next to it).

One thing that makes us wary of this photo is the other Windows 8 device, on the right of the image. This looks like a monitor or HDTV to us. And obviously that’s not something Nokia is ever likely to make. So perhaps this image is simply to illustrate that Windows 8 comes in a variety of forms on a variety of devices, and not an actual product in the making.

[via NokiaGadgets]

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