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Nokia Lumia sales estimated at over one million

All that DeadMau5 and Batman action seems to have done the trick with Nokia getting a well-deserved smartphone hit

Last year Stephen Elop, Nokia’s battleweary CEO, needed a hit and the Lumia 800’s colourful Windows Phone 7-packing slab of polycarbonate was it from the looks of financial analysts’ sales estimates. A bunch of 22 of them seem to have got together and guessed how many Lumia handsets Nokia’s flogged so far, including the Lumia 710 which hasn’t reached the UK yet. This is how analysts have fun.

But sparing the sordid details, the figure you need to know is a whopping one million handsets with all but one of the moneymen predicting Nokia to announce selling more than this massive total.

So Nokia might finally be joining the big boys in the smartphone race but it’s still got a way to go – Apple’s sold over 200m iPhones, iPods and iPads and there’s over 150m Android phones knocking around. Spiderman limited edition Lumia 900 anyone?

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