Nokia and Monster to pair up for Purity HD Stereo headphones?

Wanted: Anything to make Nokia cooler. Step up Monster Cable.

It's sweet really. Nokia is the smartphone manufacturing equivalent of the geek who was cool once but got overthrown by the big kids. Now it needs a new crew to earn some of its fallen rep back – and who better to cosy up to than audio cool kids Monster Cable, responsible for Beats by Dr Dre headphones, Heartbeats by Lady Gaga and the Beats tech inside HTC handsets like the Sensation XE?

The first product of this beautiful new friendship could be a set of Purity HD Stereo over-ear headphones. Wouldn't it be a nice surprise if Nokia bundled them in with premium handsets?

It's all still rumours at this stage but Pocketnow found this pretty convincing looking mock-up advert showing Monster scribbling all over Nokia's slogans. Hopefully we'll get some answers from Stephen Elop at this month's Nokia World shindig.


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