Nintendo Wii sells 6 million, becomes UK's fastest selling console

While it may have been all about PlayStation today, Nintendo has managed to squeeze itself in to the headlines with the announcement that the Wii has

Chart Track-GfK, which keeps its beady eye on the games and console sales in ol' Blighty, has said that more than 6 million Wiis have been sold since the console went on sale less than three years ago.

The 6 million milestone was hit in the sales week ending 28 November.

Nintendo put its success down to the Wii's "inclusive, family friendly and fun nature" and said it would be working hard to ensure the Wii stays at the top of its game.

It may well need to. Although things have long been peachy for the Wii, even Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata admitted that the console was stalling.

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