Next Big Thing – dream movies

Think your last nightmare would make a great thriller? Get measuring your brain activity now

I told you to kick your once-a-week Inception habit

This is real science my friend, as practised by researchers at UC Berkeley. They've not quite managed to turn dreams into movies just yet but we reckon it's the next step after the amazing imagery reconstruction produced using fMRI – functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Steve Martin looks all blurry

Probably best that way. It's because the video shows a reconstruction of how our brain sees things, like movies. The scientists measured blood flowing through the brain's visual cortex, recorded the brain activity with a computer program and combined the reading with a movie reconstruction algorithm, constructed out of 18 million seconds of YouTube clips.

Were they all clips of a Rorschach test?

Maybe. The tech only records activity while subjects are watching a film right now but the reconstructed images themselves can only get more detailed and less ink blotty. Next stop – tapping into dreams, memories and the brain activity of coma patients. We'd get in quick and start selling foil hats to stop those crazy science folk watching playbacks of your inappropriate, we mean important, thoughts.


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