Next Big Thing – custom video games

French firm Amuse Me want to make Your Life: The Video Game – oh, and they'll need £50,000 for the whole you-niverse

I didn't sign up to play with characters that would make Frankenstein weep.

Not to fear – bespoke video game makers Amuse Me employ artists whose work has been shown at galleries and museums around the world, to gamify your life. Starting at the basic level, you can add faces and objects into six existing games at around £20 per personalised element – so you can make the big boss into your ex (or boss) and get bonuses shaped like your cats. 

That sounds cheap and hackneyed. Tell me more.

Well, you could splash out on a personalised video game by the designer of your choice, for up to about £9,000. It'll require a few hours of your time and some inspiration from toys and photo albums to get it right but we can only assume it would be beautifully worth it. We can't wait for Level Three: "navigating your way to the play area with a bucket on your head" and Level Fourteen: "deadly bar crawl".

Just get to the £50,000 game already.

OK. Since they're French and all, Amuse Me had to go all out with its deluxe option – a universe created especially for you, served up on your own tablet or custom installation and designed by only the finest game designers. One of them even wants to have a crack at designing a game where each level is based on the structure of the gamer's DNA. Friends no longer required.

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