Next Big Thing – 3D printed silver

Who designed the QR code cufflinks? Hands up

Ah, yes – 3D printing. So I'll be able to print off my own Avatar-style planet from my trusty Canon PIXMA?

You're in the wrong aisle, my friend. 3D printing is slowly heading our way though, with companies like Sculpteo tempting us with figurine versions of ourselves and any 10cm printed object that we can dream of and design online.

But how do they get the silver into the 3D printer? Sounds messy.

Well, Sculpteo's new silver offering actually offers silver-coated objects so we imagine this finishing touch comes later. But everything is bespoke – so, at the mercy of your own design skills – and Sculpteo can deliver within two weeks.

Is this cheap in the good way or the bad way?

Well, Sculpteo's prices start at £21 so as long as you're not tricking loved ones into thinking they're getting sterling, we don't see any problems. Monogrammed medallions, here we come.


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