News Nugget – Nintendo 3DS battery to last eight hours max

Glasses-free portable gaming throws up its first big challenge

Want to get rich quickly? Invent, build and market a power pack extension pack for Nintendo’s forthcoming 3DS portable. The company’s just announced expected battery life – a maximum of eight hours. And that's when playing older DS games. Figures for newer titles playing on the the glasses-free 3D gamer suggest it will conk out after three to five hours of screen jabbing.

It’s not unexpected for the 3DS to draw down more power than its predecessors, but compared with the DS Lite’s 15 to 19-hour charge, it’s a bit of a shocker. Even the DSi XL could keep its screens alive for up to 17 hours. This isn’t idle rumouring either – the figures above are Nintendo’s own. We’re still excited, but just a little tinged with disappointment too. Guess that’s just the price of progress.

[via Joystiq]