News McNugget – Big Mac payments won’t touch the sides

Fast food is just about to get faster

When your burger takes around two minutes to cook, assemble, wrap and serve, it’s a pain to have to wait ten minutes while Johnny-no-stars works out which coins constitute the correct amount of change. That’s why McDonald’s is introducing contactless payment for Visa and Mastercard customers this summer.

You may think McDonald’s tastes like hamster droppings, but this is a wake-up call for anyone still relying on fuddy-duddy chip and pin tech. Soon, we’ll be paying for all the little things in life (up to about £15) with a wave of the wallet rather than dirty cash or fiddly PIN entry.

Our advice if you don’t have a contactless card yet? Call your bank and tell them you ate your old card because McDonald’s couldn’t process your payment quick enough. If they send you a replacement without the requisite RFID chip, change bank and head out for a celebratory Happy Meal. Supersized.

[via Brand Republic]