New York Times to the world: lower your Samsung Galaxy S5 expectations

The new smartphone won’t have a quad HD screen or a retina scanner, say party poopers
New York Times to the world: lower your Samsung Galaxy S5 expectations

Hold your horses, phone fans – the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t come with some much-rumoured features and specs, according to a report by the New York Times.

Citing “a person in the smartphone industry with knowledge of the plans” as its source, the NYT says that the S5’s announcement in February will be a far more low-key affair than the S4’s, which took place at New York’s legendary Radio City Music Hall.

Playing it safe

That is perhaps because the Korean manufacturer is looking to lower expectations about its next flagship phone. The report says that the S5 will cut down on perceived gimmicky features to “play it safer”. That means no eye scanner and no quad HD screen, but rather a series of more gentle enhancements: a faster processor, a better camera and an updated version of Samsung’s Knox security software (the latter in an attempt to boost its appeal for business users).

The report also says that Samsung will retain the Galaxy S naming convention for at least one more generation, so we can expect it to be called “Galaxy S5”.

The phone will be launched at Mobile World Congress on 23rd February. You can read our full preview here.

[Via New York Times]

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