New video! Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc preview

With its wafer-thin chassis and a list of specs any smartphone would be proud to boast, the Xperia Arc sure makes a good first impression

The Arc may have grabbed the title of the world's slimmest phone at the start of the year when unveiled at CES, but it didn't hold on to it for very long - Samsung's Galaxy S II made sure of that. That doesn't mean it's any less desirable. The first of the next-gen Xperia handsets is ready to undertake some damage control in order to help us forget the failings of the previous Xperia range that was notoriously riddled with bulky form factors, cheap build quality and late software updates.

With Android 2.3, an eyeball pleasing 4.2-inch screen, Sony's Bravia TV tech  and 720p HD, it's certainly equipped for the job. So, we're looking at a better build, better screen and even better software. Sounds like a good formula to us - and we've managed to bag a video preview. Feast your eyes on this.



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