New iPod touch and Nano incoming – camera rumours thwarted

Good old accessories manufacturers – they always manage to give up the game when it comes to new hardware, and has learned from on

The less exciting news is that it seems there will be no sight of the integrated camera that had been rumoured, nor will there be any physical changes in either of the models.

How do we know this? The cases we've seen that are supposedly for the "5G iPod nano and 3G iPod touch" show no size changes and no camera holes – so it means we're probably looking at things such as capacity changes and software improvements.

The company went on to provide links to buy the new accessories that would go live "when the devices are out", so we know it's definitely new products we're looking at.

We'll be keeping you updated with all the news from the conference on 9 September, so be sure to keep it locked to for the latest as it happens.