New iPad 3 could take on consoles, says Epic Games

The future of console gaming could become a four horse race, thanks to the quad-core graphics packed into Apple's latest slice of tech

Epic Games president Mike Capps has told Reuters that Apple's new iPad could take on Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft's consoles if combined with a controller and AirPlay.

Capps also stated that "Apple is definitely building their devices as if they care a lot about 'triple-A games'," an opinion no doubt fuelled by the new iPad 3's quad-core graphics processor – also used in Sony's PlayStation Vita.

We've made it clear how we feel about the barrier that touchscreen-only controls raise for games that require more than swishing and swiping. But the thought of an iGamepad coupled together with console-quality titles on a portable iPad makes our gamer senses tingle with eager anticipation.

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