New Amazon Kindle to get social networking?

Soon your book club could be doing virtual meetings. What do you mean, "What book club?"

The Amazon Kindle has been king of ebook readers for ages and rumours of a tablet – be it Coyote or Hollywood – are rife. Now a social media piece has been added to the mysterious Amazon tablet jigsaw puzzle. After slashing the price of the Kindle 3, rumours of Amazon adding social networking features to its support site cropped up, and now it's bought domains and

So, social networking features are likely incoming, but on what device? Amazon also bought, which used to be a comic that hinted at the Kindle 3 before it was released. We’re expecting Amazon to join Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage and Google+ on the social networking battlefield with its very own tablet soon. The question is, will we be able to share and discuss books with our friends for free via Amazon’s very own FaceTime? Best warn the book club.


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