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New 2022 iMac Pro with Mini LED display now tipped for June launch

Apple could be preparing to debut an all-new iMac Pro complete with Mini LED backlighting and an in-house Apple Silicon chip as soon as June 2022, if the latest rumours are to be believed.

While the latest 2021 iMac is a 24-inch model, there has been no Apple Silicon replacement for the 27-inch model. Could this be it?

Chiming in on a Twitter thread, analyst Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants posited that the launch of Apple’s latest high-end desktop may now be on the horizon – and that he has confidence a Mini LED display will be one of the machine’s headline features.

Working against the prediction, Young has already changed his tune on the new Mini LED iMac Pro’s launch twice, once backing a Spring 2022 release and later tipping an August or September launch.

This highlights the uncertainty surrounding the 2022 iMac Pro’s release date, though one possibility is Apple will tease the new iMac Pro at its developer conference in June (known as WWDC) as part of its macOS 13 presentation, then starts shipping it later this year.

In addition to rumours of a Mini LED display, the new 2022 iMac Pro is also tipped to be coming with the company’s own Apple Silicon inside – likely a new M2 chip to follow on from the M1 and M1 Pro processors found in its latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops.