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What do you get when you cross a half-price Spotify Premium lookalike with 15m tracks and internet radio? This

Pure Music – on Pure internet-connected radios

Just in case there weren't enough music streaming services to hook up to your DAB radio, Pure has gone and launched its own, Pure Music, in partnership with 7Digital.

Going live in mid-December for £4.99 a month, Pure Music lets you stream 15m tracks from the cloud-based music library in the sky or buy music at rates similar to iTunes, through existing Pure internet-connected radios. That'll be the One Flow, Evoke Flow, Oasis Flow, Sensia, Contour, Siesta Flow, Sirocco 550 and Avanti Flow then.

Pure Music – Pure Lounge on PC and Mac

It might sound like the "VIP" area of a club with sticky floors and bad lighting but Pure Lounge is actually the name of the website and app that make up the rest of the music service.

Your £4.99 subscription (there's no ad-supported, free option) nets you unlimited streaming to as many devices as you can handle. That includes your PCs/Macs/laptops, as long as they're all sat tidy at one IP address. Any paid-for downloads will be stored in your Pure Lounge account and on your radio and can be transferred to any other devices.


Pure Music – Pure Lounge app on iPhone and Android

The Pure Lounge app for iPhone is out now for free on the App Store, with an Android app winging its way to the Market as we speak. Pure also hinted that a dedicated iPad app is on the cards for 2012.

The only downside to streaming on the go is that there's no offline playback mode, as with Spotify Premium and Napster, but this is set to be a future update to the service – for a few extra pennies. If your home is lacking a Pure radio, stick your iPhone in a speaker dock to get digital radio and streamable tracks for less than a cinema ticket, as long as your Wi-Fi holds out.

Pure Music – what happened to FlowSongs?

Last year's FlowSongs feature is still alive and kicking in the form of Pure Tag – which is now free for owners of a Pure internet-connected radio. Using Shazam technology, Pure Tag identifies tracks being played on digital and FM radio stations and then gives you the option to buy that track.

Not convinced you'd use it? What's really clever is that you can now tag a track, saving it to your Pure Lounge account to stream at any time. So if you've already coughed up the subscription, you can repeat a song to death within half an hour of first clapping ears on it – dangerous.

Pure Music – Release

Pure Music's launching in mid-December, with a £4.99 rolling subscription. And for once, the UK is first in the queue, as the radio maker is waiting until 2012 before it takes on the streaming music giants elsewhere. Pure's trying to make sure radio doesn't get lost in a sea of on-demand streaming services with its music discovery tool – but it might just cause DAB digital radio users to discover the joys of music streaming.

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