Myfox's smart home security system sends burglars running before they can break in

And no, it doesn't release the hounds

Security systems are great and all, but an alarm that goes off after bad guys have smashed their way into your house and rummaged through your living room, does little more than tell you that you're in big trouble.

That's Myfox's view anyway, which is why its new smart home security system, which launches in the UK today, aims to prevent break-ins completely, by opting for a pre-emptive strike.

The Myfox Home Alarm system consists of IntelliTAGs, which are small sensors that you stick to your doors and window frames, that are capable of detecting vibrations.

They're clever enough to tell the difference between a knock on the door, or even a ball being slammed against a window, and last eight months on a single AAA battery.

When something more forceful is detected (like someone trying to smash their way in with a crowbar), the sensors alert the Myfox hub, which in turn causes a separate, deafening siren, to go off.

The idea behind the system is to scare thieves off with the alarm before they've had a chance to actually break in, preventing any theft or damage within your home.

An included key fob lets you arm and disarm the alarm manually, but the system is clever enough to sort all that out on its own too.

The fob is connected to the hub via Bluetooth LE, and it automatically arms itself when you've gone outside its range, and disarms the system when you're back.

Multiple fobs and profiles are supported, all of which can be managed on Myfox's accompanying iOS app (an Android version is expected in the near future).

Up to 50 IntelliTAGs and key fobs are supported, and you get one of each in the starter kit, which costs £250.

Additional fobs will set you back £24, while a pack of six sensors can be snapped up for £170.

Camera shy

Myfox also has a new smart home security camera which pushes a live stream of whatever it's pointed at, straight to your smartphone.

Its wide-angle lens and night vision mode aims to capture as much as it can, and it works in tandem with the Home Alarm, acting as an extra pair of motion-detecting eyes, in addition to the door and window sensors.

It's got a built-in microphone and speaker too, so that you can chat through the app, scaring the hair off your cat in the process.

You can also remotely activate a shutter which covers up the lens completely, which is ideal for people paranoid about being spied on when they're home. This sounds like a useful feature that will stop cameras from being unplugged or turned away when people are at home, which would otherwise make them useless.

Multiple cameras can be used per household, and each one will set you back £170.