My Gadget Life – Darren Bent

The trainer-loving England and Aston Villa striker talks Game Boys and goal lines

I've been a gadget fan for a long, long time

The original Game Boy kicked it off for me; I spent years playing Tetris and Mario on that thing. I like the really crazy stuff some companies come up with. I even bought a pair of video glasses for my iPod a few years ago, but they hurt my nose.

A lot of guys at Villa and England play FIFA

The best two I've played against are Wayne Rooney and Joleon Lescott. Joleon plays it all the time and Wazza's been on the front of the box for years, so if he wasn't good there'd be something wrong!

I'm a big fan of Battlefield 3

I've got a cinema room in my house with sofas and a projector, although I can't play for too long or it gives me a headache.

I own about 500 pairs of trainers

At home there's a whole room dedicated to them. I bought a pair of the Nike Mag 2011s from Back to the Future. You could never wear them out; they're massive.

We use ProZone at Villa

It tracks you during a game and measures how far you run. We also train wearing GPS units. You can have all the technology in the world but in the end it boils down to what you do on the pitch – technology and analysis can only get you so far.

We need goal-line tech in the Premier League

So many games hinge on individual decisions. There'll always be glitches, but goal-line technology would definitely help. Refs and linesmen can deal with offsides, especially with extra officials in Champions League games.

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