Moto's sat-nav moby

This here is Moto's new twist on GPS mobiles - a phone loaded with proper Co Pilot sat-nav software so you don't have to rack up network charges using Find My Nearest services. Say goodbye to those pesky Bluetooth GPS widgets...

If it's a success, this new Moto could spell the end for Bluetooth mobile phone GPS transceivers from the likes of TomTom, Route 66 and NaviCore.

The Motorola A780 - for that is the name this touchscreen Linux handset answers to - has built-in GPS that works with sat-nav software by ALK's Co-Pilot. The phone even comes with a windowscreen sucker mount so you can get started with its 3D maps straightaway.

We were having a quick play with the phone last week and it's a quirky beast - a tad bulky and afflicted with a bizarre see-through window instead of LCD for the external clamshell but equipped with a good loudspeaker  and an intuitive interface.

UK and Ireland maps come preloaded on a 256MB Transflash memory card and European ones cost extra.

The phone also has Bluetooth, a 1.3MP cam, teeny stylus for touchscreen control and PC syncing software.

It's out this Autumn for a price that's currently TBC.