Motorola Xoom 2 leaked

Not only is the 9mm thick Xoom 2 creeping out of its cave of creation, but it’s coming with a smaller sibling

We’ve already heard Motorola is bringing out a sequel to the Xoom, and now ThisIsMyNext has got hold of more details of the Xoom 2, while Engadget has pics of it and its smaller sized brethren in the wild. What we know is the 10.1in Xoom 2 LTE will sport a 1.2 GHz dual-processor, be capable of shooting 1080p video, feature 1GB “faster” RAM and will do it all in the confines of a 9mm thick body (compared to the iPad 2’s 8.8mm that’s not too shabby).

Other details are floating about but we’re taking them with a pinch of salt, as the stylus mentioned seems like too big a detail to just tack on the end. Americans can rejoice as it will stream Netflix in HD, while the rest of the world can be happy with the Adobe Flash Player 11 thrown in on release.

And in the words of a former Apple employee, one more thing – it will pack an IR-blaster meaning it could be used as a universal remote. When it will be on sale or how much it will cost is unclear, so check back for more details as they break.


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