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Motorola RAZR delayed

The RAZR's release date was never set in stone, but now it’s moved back to November 7th.

The Motorola RAZR is worth getting excited about, so you’d be forgiven for being disappointed that Clove has announced its shipment was delayed until November 7th. Alright, it’s less than a week after the original release date and it will still cost £450 – but we want it now.

Why? This is why – the RAZR manages to cram a 1.2GHz dual-core, 8MP/1080p camera, 1GB RAM and a beautiful 4.3in Super AMOLED display into its record breaking 7.1mm slim Kevlar shell. And it’s topped off with with a massive 1750mAh battery that gives you 12 hours talk time.

Pick your jaw up from the desk before you check out our hands-on RAZR video – and prepare to be knocked out of your seat.

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