Motorola Moto X launch event set for 28 July

Android fans, mark your calendars

Look what just landed in our inbox - an invitation from Motorola to an event on 28 July. And it’s signed with either ‘X6X’ or ‘XGX’.

The latter makes more sense to us, as it strongly hints at the reveal of the new Moto X and Moto G handsets. We're not entirely sure why our relationship status is about to change however. 

Both handsets have had their fair share of rumours and leaks over the past few months. The flagship Moto X is expected to land with a 5.2in 2K screen, and a Snapdragon 808 processor (the same chip nestled beneath the LG G4’s leather rear).

They'll also, according to the latest online whispers, support full Moto Maker customisation, letting you mix and match colours and materials to create the perfect handset to match your funky wardrobe.

The Moto X impressed us last year with its fancy Android tricks, including improved lock screen notifications and always-on voice search, while the Moto G remains one of the best bang-for-buck smartphones around.

We’ll be reporting from the even directly from the front lines, so stay tuned for our live impressions and hands-on reviews.