Motorola Droid launching as the Milestone in Europe, no UK plans yet

The Motorola Droid was confirmed for the States last week, and its now been firmed up for a European release too under the pseudonym "Milestone&q

The Milestone is set to be released on O2 in Germany, first leaked by a German blog that published a photo of it in a business guide showing the handset, as well as an O2 price list, showing the Milestone as coming in at €404.20 SIM free, before tax.

A quick Google search later and Boy Genius Report had pulled deets for the handset from the official German O2 website, and now the Milestone has cropped up on Motorola's Western European page, packing all the same specs as the American Droid, but unfortunately without the much-talked about Google Maps Navigation feature.

The fineprint on the official Moto page says "Arriving in Germany and Italy soon", with no mention of any UK details – and with Motorola UK keeping quiet on whether it's in the pipeline for here, we're kind of stuck in a stage of gadget-lusting limbo.

Do you want to see the Droid, or the Milestone, in the UK? Let us know what you think below and be sure to check out our top 10 smartphones to see what we can get on these shores at the moment.

Via: Electricpig