Motorola adds three new ROKR mobiles

Motorola are in a right pickle. No one’s been buying their blowers for ages, so they’re following up their actually pretty good ROKR E8 wi

Let’s kick off with the latter shall we. Aping the candybar stylings of the high–end E8, it comes with actual keys rather than a touch sensitive pad, although they’re that small that we reckon you’ll barely notice them.

And like it’s heftier relation, it rocks the ModeShift tech that makes the phone a more obvious multimedia marvel. Inside you’ll find an FM radio and Windows Media compatibility, so there’ll be no trouble listening to tiresome chart–toppers The Ting Tings on the way to work.

Both the EM25 and EM28 pack in the same features, with the latter strutting its stuff in a clamshell and the former in a sharp slider frame.

There’s no news on price, but the phones are set to hit Taiwan first before heading out across the globe in the mext three months. Keep ‘em peeled for a release date here at and refresh your Moto know how with our ROKR E8 review.


Motorola ROKR EM25, EM28 and EM30

Price: £TBA

On sale: Late 2008

Contact: Motorola