The Moto X Force is a shatterproof smartphone

Honestly, we tried to smash its Quad HD screen ourselves

Phone screens get stronger all the time, yet we still shatter them at time with impeccable ease. Enter the Moto X Force, a supposedly shatterproof smartphone.

An unlocked version of the Verizon-exclusive Droid Turbo 2, which was unveiled earlier this year, this 5.4in smartphone comes with a four-year warranty against cracking and shattering. Motorola is very confident you won’t be able to break its screen.

How confident? We mashed it against a metal chair in Stuff HQ this morning without getting close to breaking the thing. It was truly impressive and a lot of fun.

Motorola says the Force’s ShatterShield display a five-layer system consisting of a very hard outer lens, an internal lens designed not to crack or shatter, a second touch layer in case the first one is damaged, and then the AMOLED display and an aluminium chassis for durability.

One potential downside of such a tough display is a lack of clarity when it comes to onscreen detail. We’ll see whether this is the case when we get the Moto X Force in for testing. Otherwise, this is very similar handset to the Moto X Style.

It has that smaller 5.4in screen, but the same Snapdragon 810 chip, 3GB RAM, 21-megapixel back camera, and a 3,760mAh battery with wireless charging. The X Force also has Moto Maker customisation available, including a LG G4-like leather finish. Motorola will sell the 32GB model for £499 SIM-free, while a 64GB version is also available for £534. 

Will ShatterShield eventually spread to Motorola's other devices? Or is this just an odd gimmick to distinguish Motorola’s ever-expanding range of phones? We're eager to find out ourselves. Both Android 5.1.1 phones go on sale in mid-November. Naturally, our review of the Moto X Force will be up before then.