More HTC One (M9) leaks suggest a Nexus 9-inspired build

The M9 rumour mill refuses to stop spinning
Further leaks of the HTC One (M9) suggest a different look

Rumours surounding the upcoming HTC One (M9) refuse to die out. 

Alleged leaks of the handst showed off a device almost identical to the existing M8, before being debunked as decoys to trow people off the scent of the actual device.

According to HTC Source's, er, source, the HTC One (M9) will sport a new look that closely resembles that of the HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet.

The source believes that the M9 will have an edge-to-edge glass panel fixed to its front, just like its Nexus 9 cousin, giving it a "slicker" and "more refined" look.

Another variation that might make it on the mobile device is changes to its speaker panels – they won’t be exposed like the ones on the original HTC One and the HTC One (M8). Instead, they'll apparently be embedded within the edge-to-edge glass panel itself, with cut-outs for blasting out sound.

Thankfully, the black bar found resting under the screen of the HTC One (M8) which had the HTC's logo on it) is also said to be non-existent on the M9. According to sources, there won’t be a need for it once the taller plastic speaker panels cover the speakers and amplifier.

Remember that these are all still rumours for now until HTC reveals the device at MWC, so stay tuned.

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[Source: HTC Source