Modern Warfare 3 leaked online

Whoops, someone’s leaked the most anticipated game of the year onto a torrent site

Modern Warfare 3 is going to the biggest game launch of the year, if not of all time. There’s always someone who has to ruin it, isn’t there? A cheeky chappy has leaked a full, playable version of the latest Call of Duty game onto torrent website The Pirate Bay.

It likely won’t be there long enough to download before lawyers – like some abseiling marines – swing in to pull the download. The Xbox version of Modern Warfare 3 is already being downloaded by over 550 people.

Are you going to wait until November 9 for the official version, or is the lure of The Pirate Bay simply too tempting?

UPDATE By way of clarification, we don't condone illegal downloading in any form. This is a news story, not a recommendation.

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