Mini drivers to get first dibs on parking spots thanks to new app

Access the JustPark app via Mini's Connected in-car entertainment system for stress-free shopping trips
Mini JustPark app

Anyone who's navigated the parking at Westfield Stratford City around Christmas will attest to the life-changing experience.

It's like a scene from a Roland Emmerich film - cars everywhere, children screaming and parents resorting to post-apocalyptical measures in order to secure the last parking space on Earth.

Fortunately, it's not something Mini drivers will need worry to about again thanks to a new app.

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Is this the end of parking pains?

The app, called JustPark, connects drivers with home and business owners looking to rent out parking spaces. It can also point out the nearest multi-storey and tell the driver how many spaces remain.

BMW has made JustPark available as part of its Connected infotainment system, meaning Mini owners can access the handy app on the move via the dashboard and removing the need to fumble with smartphones in pockets.

Those in search of parking nirvana first have to register with the free-to-download service and enter a few details. They can then search by postcode or their current location and arrange the list of local parking spaces by distance and price.

Parking spots range from a driveway in front of someone’s house to spare spaces at local hotels and businesses. Once the space has been selected and paid for, the driver is then directed to it via the car's sat-nav system.

BMW plans to roll the application out to all of its models by the end of this year, meaning Christmas shopping may not leave such a deep mental scar this year. 

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