Minecraft gets official release and iOS app

Yes, we've all been playing it since 2009 but this sandbox game has only just got out of beta

Mojang has released Minecraft 1.0 to the masses before the ribbon cutting and ceremonial unveiling at today's what's-cooler-than-being-cool Minecraft convention, MineCon. The event's completely sold out but you can download the all-but-finished version of the sandbox game now – you're a bit slow on the uptake though, as Minecraft already has over 10 million users.

Mojang has added a new enchantment system, baby animals, a dragon boss and an alernate dimension to the full game's already bulging features list, including day and night cycles, and building blocks that can make pretty much anything while sheltering you from Creeper attacks.

In other Minecraft news, a new iOS app will join Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Android – you can dig and build blocks but there's no defense gameplay. We'll see you in a day or two – we're off to build our new fortress.

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