Microsoft releases Kinectimals for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft releasing games on a rival platform? What next, Halo for iPad?

Microsoft has released Kinectimals for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – the mobile version of the Xbox 360 game has been available on the Windows Phone Marketplace since October.

Kinectimals on iOS works as a standalone game, but it's really geared towards those who already own the game on the Xbox 360. The iOS version lets you port your existing pets to the handheld device, and you can unlock five new pets on the mobile game which you can then use on the Xbox 360 version.

Microsoft popping one of its games onto iOS is a bit of a surprise – perhaps it's the start of a new trend. We're thinking Halo on the iPhone – it was originally developed for Apple, after all. Kinectimals for iOS is available in Apple's App Store for £1.99.

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