Microsoft giving away free Xbox 360 consoles to Live veterans

Silver-haired Xbox Live users listen up – your faith in the art of online gaming could soon be rewarded with a shiny new console

Gamers who crawled out of the primordial ooze at the birth of Xbox Live will be glad to hear that they could be receiving a free custom edition Xbox 360 console from Microsoft to celebrate Live's tenth anniversary.

The grey, orange and green painted Xbox 360 Slim model console comes complete with a matching controller and enough geek cred to make fellow gamers more than a little jealous.

Xbox's Major Nelson has tweeted that more information on how to nab one of the special edition consoles will be released later this week, though we're assuming you'll need to have a full ten years of online fragging under your belt to have any chance at all.

[Twitter, via Kotaku]

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