Meet Tangeez, the Lego-inspired interactive lighting

Crowdfund these clever LEDs that change colour depending on how they’re stacked

Kickstarter is continually turning up interesting tech projects that might otherwise stay under the radar.

Tangeez are a prime example: they’re cylindrical LED lights that stack in much the same way as Lego, and the light colour changes depending on how you build them up. Each Tangeez brick (2.5in in diameter and 1.5in tall) features red, green and blue lights, which can combine to create seven different colours. They’re also fully recyclable, being made of the same plastic as milk bottles.

Making the mould to break the mould


Tangeez’ Brooklyn-based creators Emily Webster and Mustafa Bagdatli, who have been working on the product for two years, are now seeking US$49,000 (£30,500) in funding in order to set up an injection mould manufacturing process for the blocks.

Back them to the tune of $45 or more and you’ll receive a set of three lights (but not until June next year, and you’ll have to pay an extra $25 for postage if you’re outside the US). At the time of writing around $19,500 has been pledged, with 25 days to go, so it’s looking like Tangeez is a goer to become a real product.

The pair say they’re planning additional shapes, sizes and colours for the lights in the future.

[Via Kickstarter]