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Meet the Nikon Coolpix S01 – its smallest ever camera

In spite of weighing only 96g, this compact digital camera packs 10.1MP and 7.3GB memory

Remember that super-small mobile in Zoolander? Nikon has just made the camera equivalent with its smallest ever digital compact – the Coolpix S01.

This dinky snapper uses a 1/3in CCD sensor to deliver 10.1MP shots in spite of its miniscule 96g frame that measures in at just 77x51x17mm. And with 7.3GB of storage you’ll be good for the full 190 photos the battery can handle. There’s also a 720p video option, at 30fps, which you can view back on the 2.5in display.

The only things missing from this proof that good things really do come in small packages, are the price and release date. Expect more details in the next few days, as Nikon shows off its wares at IFA.

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