Meet Dyson's DC49: the smallest, lightest wheeled vacuum cleaner it's ever made

In your face, unnecessarily heavy and large vacuum cleaners – this sucker weighs a mere 2.7kg. Perfect for your 100sq. ft studio flat
Dyson DC49

First you had the lack of a bag, then that spherical wheel thing for improving steering. Now James Dyson and company have been busy making their smallest, lightest vacuum cleaner ever.

'DC49' may sound like a bus but it's actually the name of a vacuum that weighs 2.7kg, in part thanks to the internal Dyson Digital Motor V4 borrowed from its Airblade hand dryers, which weighs in at just 670g.


Suck it and see

Dyson DC49
Dyson DC49

To put that into perspective, a conventional AC motor with the same 1050w power output would weigh 1.2kg and the next smallest Dyson City vacuum weighs a kilo more. Size-wise, the DC49 is a little bigger than a piece of A4 paper and the ball measures 200mm across.

To try and scare your pets less, the DC49 includes a spot of 'acoustic engineering' to reduce the noise. This was done by bumping up the thickness of the double cyclone and adding extra casing on the motor bucket, something the smaller motor affords.

While easy to stow away in all but the smallest living spaces and light enough to lug up the stairs, having to empty it every five seconds could prove tiresome. Here's hoping the 0.5-litre collection area is enough.

Digital or not, somebody still has to use the thing. Perhaps the next innovation can include a robot butler?