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Mario is coming to iPhone with Nintendo’s Super Mario Run

Nintendo's most famous son will make his iPhone debut this December

Already forgotten about Miitomo? Nintendo’s second smartphone game is a much more of a big deal, and it stars your favourite moustached plumber. Yep. That’s right. Mario is coming to iOS.

A 2D endless runner in the style of the New Super Mario Bros games, Super Mario Run is designed for one-handed play and will debut first on Apple’s App Store this December. If you’ve played Canabalt, Rayman Jungle Run or (heaven forefend) a Wii U in the past few years then you’ll know what the deal is here.

Mario runs automatically and jumps according to your touchscreen taps. The longer you hold your tap for, the further he leaps through Mushroom Kingdom.

According to Nintendo’s presentation at the iPhone 7 launch, Super Mario Run will feature six different worlds and a unique battle mode called Toad Rally. Here, you can choose a player from the list and try to beat their high score for a level with coins allocated for how much you’ve impressed a hoard of onscreen Toads. You will be able to customise your own Mushroom Kingdom with the coins you’ve earned. The whole thing is pretty bonkers and typically Nintendo.

If you’re worried about an abundance of in-app purchases, then fear not. Nintendo has promised the app will be free to download in demo form with one payment unlocking the whole game. 

As if that wasn’t enough Nintendo news from an Apple event, then a series of Super Mario stickers will launch alongside iOS 10. Oh, and Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch before Christmas.

Considering the new NX console is likely to be revealed later this month, it’s safe to say that Ninty is having a huge September.

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