Luxury kit makes even the entry-level Apple Watch look anything but basic

Splurge a little on swanky accessories instead of breaking the bank with the gold Watch Edition

Maybe part of you feels slightly intrigued by the thought of owning that really expensive gold Apple Watch. But set aside your covetousness for a moment and look to the massive influx of Watch accessories heading our way.

Pad & Quill, already known for its classy add-ons for Apple gear, has just put up a bunch of Watch accessories on preorder. Think premium leather and wood that'll make even the most affordable £300 Watch Sport model look way more expensive.

Show off that watch now

The most curious part of the collection is the luxury pocket stand. It’s actually a fancy charging station, crafted from a single piece of either American Cherry or African Mahogany wood. You can also fold it shut and it becomes an easily carried case to house and protect your smartwatch. The stand retails for US$79.99 but is on pre-order for US$69.99.

Pad & Quill also offers two leather carrying options – a roll-up leather case and a leather pouch. The latter can only be purchased in a set along with the pocket stand for US$119.99. But you can purchase the roll-up case on its own for US$49.99.

Definitely give these items a look if you prefer your accessories understated. The items are currently all on pre-order, and targetted for shipping in May.

[Source: 9to5Mac]