All the Apple Watch prices and release dates

Got £13,500 to spare? Then you could nab yourself Apple's most expensive Watch

That's it folks, all has been revealed. We know how much the Apple Watch is going to cost, and we know when it's going to land on shelves.

The release date part is easy. You can pre-order it from 10 April, and it's official release date is 24 April. Pricing, however, is a little trickier.

There are three general models. The Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Edition. Each model also comes in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm. The smaller models are cheaper than their larger counterparts, and prices range from £300 all the way up to £13,500. We're not kidding.

Here's everything you need to know:

Apple Watch Sport

All Apple Watch sport models feature durable fluoroelastomer sports band straps, available in white, blue, green, red and black.

The casing itself is made from Apple's custom aluminium alloy, which is 60% stronger than standard aluminium.

The 38nm model in all colours is £300, while the 42mm model, again in all colours, is £340.

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Apple Watch

The regular Apple Watch has a variety of different strap materials and designs, and opts for a stainless steel shell as opposed to aluminium across the entire range.

Some of the strap options are only available in either the 38mm or 42mm models.

Pricing also gets a bit trickier:

Sport band straps: 38mm (£480), 42mm (£520), available in black or white straps.

Black classic buckle: 38mm (£560), 42mm (£600)

Milanese loop: 38mm (£560), 42mm (£600)

Modern buckle: 38mm (£650), available in black, midnight blue, soft pink, stone leather or brown

Leather loop: 42mm (£600), available in black, midnight blue, soft pink, stone leather or brown

Link bracelet: 38mm (£820), 42mm (£860), available in silver or space black

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Apple Watch Edition

Abandon all hope, all ye frugal shoppers who enter here. This is 18-carat solid gold and sapphire crystal display country.

38mm/42mm 18-carat rose gold with a white sport band: £8,000 | £9,500

38mm/42mm 18-carat yellow gold with a black sport band: £8,000 | £9,500 38mm

18-carat rose gold with a rose grey modern buckle: £13,500

42mm 18-carat yellow gold with black or midnight blue classic buckle: £12,000

38mm 18-carat yellow gold with bright red modern buckle: £13,500

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Apple is also selling a selection of various straps separately. For a rather hefty price of course.

38mm/42mm sport band: £40

38mm/42mm black classic buckle: £130

38mm/42mm milanese loop: £130

42mm leather loop (medium/large): £130

38mm modern buckle (medium/large): £210

38mm/42mm link bracelet: £380

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