Look out, PS4: Xbox One will allow indie developers to self-publish games

Microsoft pulls another glorious u-turn, levelling the playing field with the PS4 and opening the Xbox One to unbridled indie creativity
Xbox One will allow self-publishing for indie developers

Microsoft has announced that it's backtracking on its requirement for developers to have publishing partners to create games for the Xbox One.

That means that indie developers can self-publish games for the Xbox One far more easily – the standard console can be used as a development kit without the need for any extra hardware, while a new 14-day certification process similar to Apple's app store will be implemented.

This is the second time Microsoft has reversed big decisions for the Xbox One, and it's an action that massively levels the field against the Sony PS4 – which was praised at E3 for being the more open of the two consoles for indie developers. Over the past few years, indie titles have been the boundary-pushers, bringing much-needed respite from the usual parade of FPS sequels and football reboots.

Bring on the console wars we say. We're ready – check out our Xbox One vs PS4 guide to see which console you'll be backing later this year, and have a browse through the Xbox One and PS4 titles to see which one is worthy of your cash.

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