Little green PC

Big isn't beautiful; only overweight gadgets say it is. That's why small form factor PCs are flooding the desktop market, and Alienware has broken its tradition of hulking, high-end beasts to bring you the low-rise Area-51 5300

The big, beige tower block is under attack from a new wave of bungalows in the desktop PC market. Shuttle kicked off the small form factor (SFF) PC in 2000. Then Apple added its trademark styling with the Mac Mini. Now Alienware, usually preoccupied with making garish, growling gaming monsters, has introduced the Area-51 5300.

Starting from £900, the 5300 is a third of the height and half the depth of the 5500 series, but still crams in the usual high performance spec, with PCI Express graphics, a Pentium 4 processor and up to 2GB RAM. Alienware also offers a range of displays, keyboards and speakers for extra cost.

So, it's still capable of driving hardcore gaming, but comes in the guise of a sensible, 'I'm-only-working' desktop for your office or study. It even uses heat pipes and a large radiator to cut down the noise that could give away late night Half Life sessions. Small and stealthy - we like.

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