LG’s V10 dual-screen smartphone teased in video

It looks set for a tiny second screen delivering notifications and other vital info

LG is holding an event on 1st October, and it seems certain it’s for the announcement of its upcoming V10 smartphone. You know, the one that has two displays.

In a short teaser video (which we’ve embedded for your viewing pleasure below), a quick shot of what looks like the top portion of a phone’s front says “Coming Soon” in an area just to the right of the front-facing camera. The placement is significant, because according to recent rumours it’s the location of the smartphone’s second “ticker” screen.

This ticker appears to be a tiny display used for icon app shortcuts, as well as delivering small pieces of information: notifications, the time, text messages and other simple bits of info. Stuff, in other words, that you’d usually rely on your main screen to check. Here, you wouldn’t need to – just glance at the mini screen instead. It’d help conserve battery life, which is a big deal to a lot of users.

The ticker doesn’t appear to turn off when the V10’s main screen (rumoured to be a big ol’ 5.7in display) is in use, however. It’ll seemingly remain active, allowing you to quickly jump to your favourite apps.

As we reported last night, the V10’s rumoured to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, with 64GB of storage, a 16MP rear camera, a fingerprint scanner and removable back. We’ll know for certain on 1st October.

[Source: YouTube via The Verge]