LG readying haul of Android KitKat phones for February?

Benchmarking site reveals five new handsets running the latest version of Android

Seems like there are about to be a lot more Android 4.4 KitKat phones in the world. And at least five of them might come from LG.

PhoneArena has come across benchmarks from the HTML5Test site revealing the existence of several previously unknown LG handsets. These are called the LG D830, LS740, D410, D320 and MS323. According to the test info, all were running Android KitKat.

Looking set for a February launch

These codenames will likely be swapped for snappier monikers (things like the LG G Pro 2, perhaps?) come launch. And when might that be? Well, Mobile World Congress is in February, so that could well be the ideal time to unveil them.

Sadly the HTML5Test browser benchmark reveals very little about the phones other than their model names and browser test scores. But we’ll keep our eyes open for more rumours in the run-up to MWC because, if any of the new models is anything like the utterly superb LG G2, we’re going to want one in our hands very soon indeed.

[Via PhoneArena]